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Our Principal Engineer

Jacob, Principal Engineer

Jacob’s core strength capabilities sit in project, business development and staff team management. Prior to forming FLUME Engineering in February 2018, Jacob had held regional office manager, senior project manager, water/environmental/traffic manager, and business development manager positions within Burchills, GHD, PB, SMEC, and Cardno. Recently Jacob was employed by Kempsey Shire Council under contract delivering one of Australia’s most complex Floodplain Risk Management Plan processes for the Macleay River, as well as forward planning stormwater system upgrades to be in line with Australian Rainfall and Runoff 2019 methods.

Jacob is entrepreneurial and has the unique ability to find an opportunity and turn it into a successfully completed project from quality outputs and keeping clients and stakeholders engaged every step of the way. 


Jacob will truly lead any task assigned and consultant team from the front and will always keep clients and

stakeholders informed on project progress, outcomes and any issues to be resolved in a collaborative manner. 

Jacob has near 20 years’ experience as a principal and professional environmental engineer. Jacob utilises his technical skills within riverine, estuarine, coastal, rural, and urban environments to play an active role in the environmental and engineering planning, assessment, and design industries. Jacob has gained a wide variety of project experience for various development types including subdivisions, precincts, building complexes, roads, bridges, rail, sporting/recreational, public open space, commercial, airports, ports, mining, public services and utilities on behalf of both government and private sector clients. Jacob technically specialises in flood, stormwater, overall water cycle engineering, civil engineering and design integration, environmental and impact assessment, coordination, project direction and management of multidiscipline teams delivering projects within constrained locations. Tools utilised by Jacob include hydrologic and hydraulic modelling using computational software like TUFLOW, HEC-RAS, MIKE, XP, WaterRIDE, GIS applications, XLS/FORTRAN database and computational models for integrated water cycle management/water balance, and MUSIC.

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Tools and Services


Our total experience levels are well covered with all work being supervised by our Principal Engineer of whom is Registered in Australia (RPEng) and under the QLD system (RPEQ). Our team is fully equipped with all the tools necessary in order to complete any project assigned, including:













GIS (QGIS, MapInfo, Arc)




XLS Water Balance Models

All FloodMan team members have extensive experience in flood and stormwater management (quality and quantity), flood impact assessment, flood studies, dam break assessments and floodplain management in Australia with particular focus in NSW and QLD. In particular, floodplain infill assessment and analysis in all environments for a wide range of infrastructure. Assessment of hydraulic structures associated with community developments, linear infrastructure, and alternative flood mitigation options is also a major part of our core capability. The team possesses excellent expertise in one and two-dimensional flood modelling (namely TuFLOW), direct rainfall method, and assessment of major development proposals in floodplains. All of which require detailed hydrological and hydraulic modelling of pre and post-development catchment conditions (facilitated through impact and mitigation options assessment). We also possess very useful design skills that your standard modelling firm cannot provide. Our mitigation and management concepts are well considered to provide confidence that what is presented is constructible and affordable. Based on our successful delivery of a range of projects across various sectors over several years by our expert staff leading the way, our multi-disciplinary team has the demonstrated ability to produce the following documentation:

  • Flood Studies, Flood Risk Management Studies and Plans with NSW and QLD;

  • Flood Hydraulic Impact Assessments, Analysis, and Investigations including Mitigation Options Management;

  • Hydrological Investigations for Insurance Claims;

  • Public infrastructure design and assessment located within floodplains;

  • Community Consultation at regional and local level, and at metropolitan scales;

  • Overland Flow Path Studies and Assessment;

  • Stormwater Drainage Studies and associated Design Documentation;

  • Stormwater Management Plans and Design Documentation;

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD);

  • Flood Emergency Evacuation Management and Response Plans;

  • Water Quality Assessments, Analysis, Investigations, and Plans of Management;

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Design and Plans; 

  • Relevant Asset Management Plans;

  • Integrated Water Cycle Modelling, Assessment and Management Plans; and

  • Land Development Civil Design Documentation and Assessments relating to Flood and Stormwater Drainage.

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Service Application to Infrastructure

Our services can be applied to a wide range of Government and private sector development and infrastructure, and our Business Owner and Principal (Jacob Franklin), and versatile and highly skilled staff have a vast array of experience to be able to project direct and manage multidiscipline teams to deliver projects involving assessment, investigations, analysis, plans of management and design. Such infrastructure includes:

  • Local Roads;

  • Council and Government buildings;

  • Airports;

  • Bridges;

  • Marine and Port facilities;

  • Public parklands and open space recreation;

  • State and Federal Government infrastructure – motorways, roads and rail;

  • Sporting facilities;

  • Landfill and waste facilities;

  • Private development of all types (residential, commercial, industrial);

  • Environmental monitoring systems including flood warning and forecasting;

  • Flood mitigation – levees, diversion channels, retardation basins, tunnels, non-structural options; 

  • Waterway restorations and rehabilitation; and

  • Wetlands, ponds, lakes, and dams.

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Points of Difference


Our points of difference uniquely separates us from our competitors and gives you as our Client full confidence in our ability to deliver a quality service every time:

  • Highly capable and technologically advanced team bringing the best of the best and particular niche skills and experiences together via industry links and relationships that will be delivered under an integrated and cohesive delivery model.

  • Our Business Owner, Jacob Franklin, has hands-on local and regional experience and intimate knowledge of stormwater drainage issues, flood history, data, floodplain development pressures and fluvial mechanisms within many NSW and QLD catchments. Jacob does an enormous amount of speculative work behind the scenes understanding where problems lie, and how he can fix them practically for low capital costs. Jacob is conversant with applicable Local, State and Federal assessment standards and has delivered numerous projects relating to hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and assessment for numerous Local Government Authorities, NSW Roads and Maritime Services, and QLD Department of Main Roads.

  • Focus on rapid delivery to get any project delivered quickly and efficiently without delay to move immediately forward to detailed design implementation to reduce engineering risk, and gain community support for project education, awareness, protection, mitigation, and management. 

  • Thorough understanding of Climate Change guidelines and latest modelling, assessment, and approaches to adaptation.

  • Collaboration – hands-on approach involving our Client every step of the way.

  • Assistance to our Client with implementing the ultimate project on the ground.

  • Innovation by practical application and hybrid modification of “standard” tools so our Client and the community are the winners and low-cost engineering is performed.

  • Land-use and Flood Hazard Resilience Planning intrinsically considered in the design.

  • Team Integration and Cohesion; combining leading technology, modelling, practices, processes and management knowledge, issues, matters to address, and how the models and plans need to speak to each other to understand the potential impacts. Our team input on the local processes and how they need to be considered and integrated into the entire project will provide an overarching umbrella. This with our local knowledge is key to the project success. 

  • Thorough appreciation for civil engineering design considerations to ensure concepts for infrastructure relating to water and stormwater/flood mitigation structural measures are affordable and constructible;

  • Appreciation of environmental assessment considerations as part of the mitigation and upgrade schemes presented;

  • Implement principles of Sustainable Floodplain and Stormwater Management at all times;

  • Build strong relationships between our Client and FloodMan Engineering key personnel, and with various staff; 

  • Truly understand the issues by close inspection and an early review of information to be in a position to offer expert advice early in the project timeline; 

  • Determine the nature of flooding from all sources and flood risk exposed to the local community within the vicinity of any proposal; current estimates may be distorted due to assumptions made in the past and the recent adoption of ARR2019; 

  • Rigorous, robust, targeted and personable approach to Community Consultation;

  • Provide evidence-based and technical advice on the implementation of guidelines and planning policy; and

  • Thorough existing and future Engineering and Environmental Risk Assessment not just a mapping and plan set series.

Our team will seek to be innovative at all times for the benefit of the Client and the community. We are always looking for new ways and more efficient ways to deliver the same product with improved quality for less money. 

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Value Add and Innovation


We seek to add substantial value to any project by endeavouring to:

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