Environmental Planning Management Assessment

Why Choose Us for Your Environmental Civil Design Engineering Needs

If you’re preparing for environmental planning management assessment, you need a team of qualified people to help. When it comes to environmental civil design engineering, the pros at Floodman Engineering are here to help you achieve your goals. Read on for just some of the many reasons why we’re the best choice for all of your environmental planning management assessment needs and much more.


  • Our goal is to help our clients gain an appreciation of the environmental assessment considerations as part of their overall plans. We work to ensure that we implement principles of environmental civil design engineering, sustainable floodplain, and stormwater management at all times.

  • You’ll build strong relationships with our team members as we work together to build a strong appreciation of environmental considerations throughout the process. We truly understand the issues by performing close inspections and early reviews of information so that we can consistently offer expert advice early in your project timeline.

  • You’ll receive a rigorous, robust, and targeted approach that’s also personable to Community Consultation. We also provide evidence-based and technical advice regarding the proper implementation of guidelines and planning policy.

  • We use existing and future environmental and engineering risk assessments, not just a plan set or mapping that’s already in place. The goal is to stay as innovative and on top of the trends for the benefit of you, the client, as well as the community as whole. We’re constantly looking for new, more efficient ways to deliver the same product at a higher quality level for a lower cost.

  • Many of our professional services can apply to a myriad of government and private sector development and infrastructure.

  • Our owner and highly skilled staff are versatile with a variety of experiences that enable us to tackle a range of projects and manage multiple teams to deliver the best assessment, analysis, investigations, and plans for your management and design needs.

  • We work on a range of projects for local roads, council and government buildings, bridges and airports, marine and port facilities, public parklands and open space recreation, sporting facilities, and much more.