Prince Alfred Bridge

our mission

To implement nationally best practice flood, drainage and stormwater management principles within all environments to achieve integrated and balanced outcomes across sustainability, the community, biodiversity, economics, engineering and climate change adaptation.

our Vision 

Achieving the pursuit of sustainable development and infrastructure through innovative environmental engineering, planning, assessment and design.



FloodMan Engineering (FloodMan) is a professional services engineering consultancy, qualified and experienced in specialist disciplines within the fields of Environmental, Water Resources and Civil Engineering. We pride ourselves on delivering services for the overall management, planning, assessment, modelling, design, operation, and maintenance phases of projects at a level of detail essential to the demands of society.


FloodMan is committed to ensuring a continuity of service levels’ as we understand the importance of maintaining great client relationships and meeting the expectations of our clients by delivering a high quality professional service on or ahead of time and within budget expectations.


We provide specialised services, as part of our core business, including:

  • Environmental Engineering;

  • Water Resources Engineering and Flood, Drainage Stormwater Hydrology/Hydraulics;

  • Civil Engineering and in particular developments and infrastructure within the floodplain;

  • Water Cycle Modelling, Assessment, and Plans of Management;

  • Water Quality Modelling, Assessment, Monitoring Programs and Plans of Management; and 

  • Integration with Civil Design Engineering and Environmental Planning and Assessment.


Our services cover the full lifecycle of projects from due diligence, feasibility, assessment, investigation, studies, design, construction support, and plans of management.


FloodMan Engineering is serious about collaboration at all levels of floodplain, drainage, and stormwater management at a regional and local scale applicable to assessing public and private infrastructure and development proposals. Our skills in assessing mitigation options and impact assessment will be invaluable to you as our Client. We also have the skills and resources available to assist with the civil design elements of any preferred and recommended options and schemes in the future. We can also manage and coordinate locally an impact assessment and plan of management process and all design and construction phase inputs of relevance.


FloodMan Engineering has secured a reliable supply chain and has strong industry links to enable firm project commitments and client satisfaction.​

Why Choose FloodMan?
  • We have a successful track record working with a vast array of professionals and clients including all tiers of government, small to large developers, architects, town planners, civil and structural engineers, development managers, and designers of all types within urban and rural environments;

  • We are 100% dedicated to managing flood and stormwater risks and enhance regional development to provide a specialist technical service that gives you as a client the experience of project satisfaction and completion; a direct experience utilising locally focussed personnel;

  • We have our Business Owner and Principal Engineer, Jacob Franklin, who is ideally suited to deliver any project under the direction of our Client, or representatives, with significant and truly local experiences;

  • We have a strong, unique and very effective approach to Key Stakeholder Engagement and Community Consultation and understand how the approach to the public and stakeholders is of critical importance to the overall success and procurement of infrastructure within floodplains and waterways;

  • We have, by virtue of our team’s history of working collaboratively and as a stakeholder on a number of private developments, a solid understanding of Government entity objectives and drivers relating to all facet’s stormwater and flood risk, hazard resilience, and adaptation; 

  • We are committed to providing quality and professional consultancy services to enhance business development and investment prospects within regional and city locations within Australia; 

  • We have the ability to add value to the overall floodplain development and management process by demonstrated innovation and the ability to share our team’s collective learnings and skills with our Client and stakeholders;

  • We seek to be creative and innovative at all times to produce high-quality outputs;

  • We are market leaders in regional locations for hydrologic and hydraulic civil design integration and optimisation to reduce infrastructure costs and time required to gain approvals;

  • We seek to provide a service that maximises collaboration with our Client and stakeholders to ensure that joint involvement in the overall risk management and design process is achieved throughout the life of the project, thereby reducing the risk of re-working and unnecessary delays;

  • We have a demonstrated ability to deliver projects that have positive outcomes for the community and complexity for government authorities and private Clients;

  • We have a proven track record of delivering projects within a rapid program to enable the project to hit the ground as quickly as possible; and

  • We have a committed team of dedicated professional engineers, scientists and technical staff that can commence work immediately upon award of the contract and unlike other firms, we truly have the capacity and technical “know how” to deliver.​